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Sorry, Ryan Leonard No. Last October, supporters got arrested after trouble flared between rival fans. On the pitch, Antwerp went into second-half injury time up, only to concede in the 90th and 92nd minutes to the leaders.

Home fans really will have wanted that tear-up I understand you want to ask me some silly questions. Nice one, Cyrille. Football would be unrecognisable without you.

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You played for Derby and Oxford, who were both owned by Robert Maxwell at the time. Did you ever get to have a ride on his yacht?


Totting up the tie-ins — from Pukka Pies to Angry Birds p29 Did you always know that you wanted to be a coach or manager? Andy Bryan, York I had potential as a player but suffered a bad injury at Derby and struggled to play at the level I aim slimming global after that.

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At 31, I already knew that when a chance to become a coach came along, it was something I wanted to do. Oxford was my apprenticeship, working with Brian Horton and Denis Smith.

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Jim Smith was there quite a lot. Jim allowed me to be very innovative at Derby — we were the first to introduce Prozone, brought in a psychologist, used sports science I had to keep it quiet. You had never played at the top level before — did you have to prove yourself to the United players?

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Steve Whitlow, Halesowen Did I have to prove myself? Wow, did I! My first five months at Old Trafford were the toughest five months of my life, still to this day — from January to the end of May when we won the Treble in Barcelona. Eventually, I was accepted because sessions were bright, intense and competitive.

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I had to make it that way, so the players knew it would be difficult but enjoyable. They were all competitive — it could have been a war zone every day, because there were so many winners within that United squad. What aim slimming global it feel like to win the Treble at the Camp Nou in ?

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Thomas Aiston, Salford Incredible. The next morning, the gaffer had all the staff in at The Cliff, our old training ground, with bacon butties and tea, planning the following season.


The bacon butties were decent as well. What was the weirdest job Fergie ever made you do as his No. Andreas Meyer, via Facebook Manage the Manchester derby! So my win record as Manchester United caretaker manager is per cent!

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That was his other secret as a manager. What can I really coach?

Review of the biotechnologies and tests used for precancerous cervical lesions diagnosis Ruxandra Viorica Stanculescu, Elvira Bratila, Vasilica Bausic, Teodora Camelia Vladescu, Florina Vasilescu, Alexandra Bausic, Costin Berceanu This paper draws on the author s extensive experience in the clinical research focused on the implementation of the new biotechnologies able to identify precancerous cervical lesions and is intended to be a systematic approach to new achievements. The goal of this review is to provide updated information concerning the significance of each biotechnology used in clinical medicine to screen women for cervical cancer or to allow a pertinent discrimination between spontaneous remission lesions and progressive lesions.

What was the game plan? We will see in the morning.

Он, конечно, понял, чем это грозит: червь сожрет фильтры, содержащие информацию в тайне, и без них она станет доступна всем без исключения. - Нам необходимо отключиться от Интернета, - продолжил Джабба.

That was the big difference. He brought calmness and simplicity, we played with a and he allowed players to play. It was the most memorable night I had while working with the England squad.